Digital CDI "Dual Line" for Honda Transalp

Digital CDI Dual Line for Honda Transalp Digital CDI Dual Line for Honda Transalp Digital CDI Dual Line for Honda Transalp
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The digital CDI for Honda Transalp PD06 or Africa Twin RD03 was revised in 2011.
It has an improved radio interference behavior and an improved selection between two ignition curves.
For better distinction, it was called "Dual Line" and equipped with a yellow wire-loop.
It can be selected between the original spark and a more advanced ignition curve (=Advanced).
By cutting the long black wire-loop, the spark is switched to the original angles.
The CDI is delivered with the advanced spark angles set.

The CDI operates on the following vehicles:
Honda Transalp PD06 built between '87 and '95 with and without side stand switch.
Africa Twin XRV650 RD03...

When the short yellowwire-loop next to the 4-pin connector is cut, the side stand switchbecomes active.
Mixed operation with an original CDI is possible, but for long term use we recommend to change both CDIs.
If the wiring system was modified or the vehicle imported from other countries, please feel free to contact us.

The Dual Line replaces these CDI-types (first the Honda part number, then in bold the designation on the CDI,
and last the condition of the wire-loop):

30410-MM9-008 MM9 CI529 wire-loop closed
30410-MM9-830 MM9 CI558 wire-loop cut
30410-MS8-610 MS8 CI558 wire-loop cut

The digital CDIs are a new development and they are produced in the Blackforest.
The historic technology of the original box using thyristors and analog technology was replaced by a microprocessor.
The microprocessor controls the ignition voltage and triggers through an IGBT the spark exactly at the desired instant.

The ignition line is digitally stored and can not change because of the progessing age of the components.
For the original CDIs, the internal ignition condensers are above 5000rpm not charged to the desired voltage.
Hence, the energy of the spark can become as low as 30% compared to lower engine speed.

However, the spark energy of the digital CDIs is absolutely stable. Fluctuations of the supply voltage
are compensated over a wide range. The engine speed is detected and calculated for each revolution.
This leads from a transient condition to more advance, and improves the acceleration behaviour.
A special circuit protects the CDI reliably from access voltage, resulting for example from a kaputt voltage controller.
(we are Germans and say "kaputt" for broken, and we are confident enough to export our vocabulary.)
In comparison, the analog CDIs are not protected and can be harmed in such situations.

Because of the advanced spark, the engine delivers in the relevant speed range more power and torque.
Due to the stop of selling regular gas with 91 ROZ fuel, the minmum is 95 and there is no threat for the engine.
At the same time, the fuel consumption becomes lower, but in daily use this is tough to measure.
Engine performance and torque have been confirmed on dyno measurements.

The feedback of many Transalp- and Africa Twin riders corresponds to these facts:

... The CDIs operate wonderful and are better then the originals
... the Transalp purrs like a cat
... never ran that well than with these CDIs
... runs now remarkably faster
[ there are many more nice quotes like this ]

Dimensions: Length 90mm x width 60mm x depth 20mm (without connector)
We recommend to put the CDIs into horizontal position. The holder H005 provides this for the Transalp.
Currently there is only a small sticker on the side defining the CDI type as TA-XL600V.
Additionally we want to give you these links to the Transalp forums (if you discover new ones, share it with us):

Installation directions
Warning: Switch on the ignition only if both connectors are plugged into the CDI!

For vehicles with a side stand switch (regular case):
First it must be assured that the engine performs well with the CDI.
Check the side stand function. When side stand is down and a gear engaged, the engine won't be killed.
Take the bike for a long ride for several km.
In case it is not working properly, please contact us.

For the activation of the side stand switch, the yellow wire-loops on both CDIs are cut.
Repeat the test with the side stand, and now the engine must stall.
On vehicles without side stand switch (in Germany mainly sold in 1987), both yellow wire-loops must be closed!

The long, black wire-loop determines the ignition advance line.
Closed loop = Advance (more power, for 95 octane fuel or better)
Open loope = Original (for 91 octane fuel or worse)
The ends of the wires shall not be extended, as they become antennas and can give interference signals!
They must be protected against contact with a conductor that bears other voltage than ground!

One or two?
Under article name H003, a single CDI can be ordered or a CDI-pair under H004.
We recommend both CDIs to be replaced if :
- both CDIs have the same age or if their age is unknown.
- you plan to keep riding the bike for a long time.
- your budget allows it.

Important Hints:
The responsibility for operation with advanced ignition is solely on the customers.
The customer must assure that the operation is technically possible and legal.
M&S does not monitor fuel quality in all the individual countries and the legal situation for the modification.
M&S does not take over any responsibility for engine damage or violations of the law!
M&S is not aware of any damage caused by operation with Dual Line CDIs.
We don't have any evidence that the use of our CDIs is illegal in any country.
Our CDIs have been sold in the USA, all over Europe, South America and Africa (Morocco).
The postage worldwide for up to 2 CDIs in a certified letter is 7 ?, insurance for 100 ? value is 2 ?.